Week 14B

africa-1170055_1920Persistence is the quality that allows someone to continue doing something even though it is difficult or opposed by other people.

In The Good Lie the children of the Sudanese war are persistent throughout the movie. First and foremost their persistence to survive is beyond surreal. Young children who have been traumatized by the killing of their parents and the decimation of their entire village are forced to flee on foot by  walking hundreds of miles through the deserts of Africa without food or water, shoes or shelter. They are forced to drink each others urine to stay alive. I would say they had a shared DMP….to live no matter what and to maintain their dignity in concordance with their belief system.

Their Mastermind Alliance is each other. They are faced with this shockingly different culture with little guidance and even less understanding and yet they remain true to each other and kind to their strange new friends.

As they work to secure an honest life for themselves in this cold new land they stay on task with continuous action toward the goal of reuniting with their sister and Theo becoming a doctor. Persistence plus purpose combined with a positive mental attitude and ACTION equals PROGRESS.



Week 14- MKA Great Minds


We cannot think about two things at once. If a negative thought enters your mind replace it with a ray of sunshine. Change the subject.

With children who are misbehaving we “redirect” them to another activity. Redirect yourself! You are a child of the light!

Week 13-MKA Hope


I can’t help but wonder what would happen if these concepts of our inner self were nourished from a young age. If we grew up practicing and believing in our own creative power. Having worked with children for many years ages 3-12, I am overwhelmed with thoughts that what I am reading and practicing are what I see naturally occurring in children in my Montessori classroom. Anyone who is familiar with Dr. Maria Montessori’s writings and practices will recognize many commonalities.

Interesting to me also is that Haanel (1866-1949) and Montessori (1870-1952) lived at exactly the same time period albeit an ocean apart; Haanel was a first generation American, of Swedish decsent, and Montessori an Italian who took up residence in many countries.

“Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create.”
Maria Montessori


Week 12-MKA Carry on like a Bull


I will persist until I succeed.

My bravery is measured by my willingness to be pricked by the lance and continue to charge forward….

I was not delivered into this world in defeat.

I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded.

I am a bull.

I take another step.

I persist.

I succeed.




Week 10- MKA Endurance

What is endurance?

My Webster’s app says it is the ability to do something difficult for a long time.

Tending to my inner life is extremely difficult. I must endure the obstacles as I have seen so many positive changes already.

Thoughts to self : Endure until you make it. Set yourself up for success. Discipline determines destiny. Do the exercises. Believe. Trust the process. Start over. Smile. Laugh. Share….find a mastermind partner…..I always do better with others…..

That is what I need to do find an alliance……

Week 9-Daily Affirmation

Replace all negative thoughts with positive ones.

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”

We are the sum total of our thoughts according to Haanel. He recommends using this affirmation as a shield against the darkness. I envision a blindingly bright saber light sword like the ones from Star Wars. We cannot stop evil from coming but we certainly can slash the dark thoughts and feelings with our sword of goodness and light. No use entertaining negativity……

We must be vigilant in the housekeeping of our thoughts. Amazingly difficult to sweep away the negative self-talk, to keep it from festering. The mental diet continues to be a challenge. It is a mental sword worth sharpening in the fight to liberate myself from my own worst enemy, myself.

As an exercise in visualization I purchased Paper Whites, Amaryllis and Hyacinth bulbs and surprisingly a colleague quickly planted them in glass containers in the windows of our shared classrooms. We will, with our students, observe them force themselves upward, persist into what they  will be. Living cells dividing and sub-dividing, roots bursting downward and stem reaching for the sun. I am most excited to smell the hyacinth and to be viscerally reminded of beauty in the  greyness of the Northeast as winter approaches.